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Dot's Natural Pet Products are made with 100% real herbs and ingredients


Made Humboldt County California


All our ingredients are sourced from businesses here in the United States

About Dot's

Why you should choose Dot's Naturals for your pet's wellness

"A few years ago, our beloved golden retriever, Eddie, started limping. The vet said Eddie was getting arthritis in his hips. We wanted to use a natural supplement and after much research online, we decided try Arthritis Away. The powder is a little different to use than treats but Eddie looks forward to Arthritis Away on his dinner every night. It is fun to see him excited about it. And the best part is after using Arthritis Away for several weeks, the limping is gone. Thanks for a great product."

"Our poor old Maisie was shedding, moving slow, and having flea troubles every time she went outside in the yard. We bought her some Pet Power Plus to power her up... Because it was not a treat we were not sure if Maisie would like something new on her food. Low and behold she loved Pet Power Plus more than her food. A few weeks after starting her on it, Maisie was moving faster, shedding less, and remarkably had less fleas. Super impressed and will buy more."

"Thank you for creating Dot's. The changes with Brittany's itching is great, plus she seems to get fleas less often. If I put her kibble down without Dot's she gives me a look until I put the Dot's on her food. She loves it and I love how she looks and feels on it."

"The Arthritis Away has really improved my 14 year old dog’s mobility. She is running around like a puppy again."

"I was intrigued when I opened up the package to find it was powder. But after putting some on my dogs food, watching him enjoy it, I am now a believer."

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