Dot’s Wonder Pet Vitality and Wonder Pet Arthritis both contain nutritional (Brewers) yeast in addition to a wide variety of herbs and supplements to round out your fur baby’s diet for optimal coat, shine, bright eyes, energy and more. The B vitamins and trace minerals such as zinc, amino acids and antioxidants found in the Nutritional yeast we add to Dot’s Wonder Products enhance your buddy’s health, provide support for their immune system and provide flea control.

Nutritional yeast also provides calming benefits to pets with separation anxiety or stress, and supports your friend’s nerve function while providing excellent stress management. Because an anxious pet uses B vitamins more rapidly than a mellow pal the B vitamins found in Nutritional yeast will restore healthy balance to your best friend’s well being and nervous system.

Your companion will have a shiny coat and healthy skin using Dot’s Wonder Pet Products as nutritional yeast is rich in antioxidants. These powerful antioxidants also promote healthy skin by soothing dry skin while helping with a shinier coat. The extra nutrition may even help your pet should shed less. The best benefit of nutritional yeast is it is a natural flea repellent (recommended by holistic veterinarian Richard Pitcairn)!

Keep your pet well nourished with a strong immune system by feeding them Dot’s Wonder Pet Vitality and Wonder Pet Arthritis containing nutritional yeast to keep them flea free, calm, less itchy and a have a shiny coat.