How it all began.

On my work breaks, I like to walk around Old Town, Eureka, CA. Over a decade ago, during one my walks, I noticed a new sandwich board sign pointing to a little shop on the second floor of wooden retail building on the corner. This was a new board, a new shop, but I was on a mission to walk. As I day after day, I would pass this sandwich, I became curious about this new shop called Humboldt Herbals. I thought I should visit this place sometime.

After a few weeks of walking by the sandwich board sign, I sighed and thought the time to visit is now, no more waiting for someday. I walked up the old, wide wooden steps to the far corner office and went into this small shop. I opened the door to be greeted by a friendly face and a gracious offer for help with any of my herbal or supplement needs. Then there was the offer of a free cup of tea. I politely declined saying I was just there to see the store and what it had to sell, because it was my first visit. I was pleased that this little shop had so many different tea blends, tea pots, books, herbs, supplements, local products, and more. After my first visit, I became a regular shopper there. During my visits, I would chat with the herbalists and read from their library of herbal books.

Once I started my quest to improve Dot’s health, I started at Humboldt Herbals buy herbs for Dot the Wonder Dog- they had many powders chock full of vitamins and minerals- alfalfa, astragalus, dandelion root, sea veggies, nettles, and the like. The herbalist were always friendly and helpful.

When I would traipse in the store to buy some powdered herbs to mix up for Dot, Julie, owner of Humboldt Herbals, would say “I’ll buy that from you.” I would smile but did not understand what she saw in the powder for my pooch. I was just there for Dot’s herbs and supplements.

One day while buying lovely green and brown powdered herbs from Humboldt Herbals, Julie repeated ‘I will buy that from you’. Whoa, I finally heard her and realized that she saw what I did not- a product that many pet owners would want to give to their animals.

Humboldt Herbals motto is “we help you understand nature’s pharmacy” and that is what we love about Humboldt Herbals. Julie was seeing that I had created something out of nature’s pharmacy that was a unique mix to support fur babies. I finally said yes, and started selling by the pound- an accidental entrepreneur.

I love all my stores, but Humboldt Herbals is where it all started. The herbalist there not only sell Dot’s for maintaining younger dogs health and older dogs joints, but they like to use Dot’s for mixing with other herbs, it is just a great base for our formulas for pet fatty tumors, fleas, and antibiotic formula. They create special formulas for specific needs when asked.

So not only is Dots great on its but Humboldt Herbalist use it as a base for more advanced herbal support. Humboldt Herbals as our first store front is our first story about our vendors. We feel lucky and privileged to be in all the stores we are in.

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