Dot’s Natural Pet Wellness Products

pure & natural supplements for optimal pet performance

My 14-year old would limp for days after a good long walk. Now, with Dot’s Arthritis, hardly at all. His digestion stabilized, eyes are clearer and he has so much more energy. Thanks Dot!

Linda S., Dot’s online customer

It all began with Dot the Wonder Pet. Dot gave us her best, so we tried our best for her. Dot was our family’s first pet and was our beloved, high energy, athletic, German shorthaired pointer! Because she was so high-spirited, mere kibble or even our attempts at home-made food were simply not enough. She needed more nutritional and herbal support to keep her healthy, happy, and active.

To meet Dot’s needs and keep her enjoying her high-spirited ways, we tried commercial supplements. We found the available products were expensive for little extra nutrition and little joint support. We knew we had to and could do better for Dot to give her all she deserved.

Dot inspired us to draw on all our knowledge and experience of nutrition, herbs, and supplements to create a unique blend for her. We have had animal family all our lives and were raised to respect and love nature. These experiences sparked our life-long interest and work with animals. We have spent our lives studying and working in the fields of biology and natural resource protection. We were raised in families who used food as their medicine while letting medicine be their food. Staying healthy for us meant eating well and choosing the right herbs and supplements. We continue this tradition with our studies of herbs and natural remedies.

Through all this, we have gained many insights into different animals’ environmental and nutritional needs. Drawing on our love of animals along with our work and experience, we created a product to support Dot the Wonder Dog. The supplements we created worked better to support her high-spirited life-style than any other product we had purchased.

To create Dot’s Wonder Pet Products, we purchase high-quality ingredients with pet’s nutritional needs in mind. We believe our animal companions will benefit as much from good nutrition as we do. They give us their best, so we create the best supplement we can for them. We prepare each batch with care that comes from being a small, family-owned company and for each animal companion out there that needs great nutrition to feel and be at their best. We hope your animal companion will benefit as much from Dot’s as our’s do.